The Universal BullS*t Detector Watch

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Your watch comes to me at the perfect time. My old swiss army wristwatch busted so I've been without a timepiece. Not to mention that I am in month 7 of a 10 month television series. I have been working week after week on the same sets with the same people and of course with the same bullshit. Now, with the press of a thumb, your watch slices like a Japanese Samurai Sword right through the usual crap and allows for a bit of meditative space between all the Hollywood rhetoric. Again, praises and rose petals to you my friend for introducing such a needed and blunt instrument. I promise to play it like a Stratovarius.

Adrian, LA

So far my best response has been going through airport security. I forgot to take the watch off and it set the system alarms off. When the TSA agent checked me out, I showed him how the watch worked. He was so excited he called other agents over and I spent a few minutes demonstrating as the security line backed up. It was a hoot!

Harold, Miami

The watch was in my mailbox as I was heading out to dinner at friends'; of course I tore it out of the package & put it on my wrist, anticipating with glee the moment when I would get to push the button. As we sat down in the living room to melon wrapped with prosciutto, my hostess announced that her husband had picked out the melon just for me--he wouldn't have fussed over the choice for her. "Really?" I said to him. "You got the melon just for me?" "Absolutely," he said. And I goosed the bull. I'll probably never be asked back, which is too bad, because I really like them & they're wonderful cooks. But it was worth it for the moment of "Whaaaaaaaaaat??!!"

Nancy, New York

Went to Boston this weekend for my niece's 4th birthday party and she was TRANSFIXED by the bs watch! Especially, the pooping sound. Kept running up to me and demanding my wrist and shouting "Auntie, I press poop!" I think you have a whole untapped market there...

Allyn, New York








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